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Greetings All,

I admit it. I’m not a great blogger. I usually only blog when I have news or a book cover reveal from one of my writer friends.

This year has been not good in so many ways (political) but it hasn’t been good for me in other ways. I ended up leaving a soul-sucking job that caused an ongoing health issue. Not only did the job suck, now I have a chronic issue because of it. I haven’t been able to find another job but I keep persisting. But overall, besides the job, it’s not been a bad year.

I ended up moving to a smaller town, still in California but not ideal. I’m hoping to move back to LA soon (once I find the elusive job).

Still no agent/book deal/movie deal etc. I have a new YA Murder mystery I wrote that I’m excited to enter into Sun vs Snow at the end of January. If I don’t get in, I’ll query it. I hope that 2018 is finally my year to achieve my literary dreams. I do have hope though and I keep going, which is all I can do. I’m making a Vision Board on Pinterest in order to put my goals in a visual form. My pinterest boards are here: http://www.pinterest.com/kathleea

My three year old Tortie is thriving and she got used to the new apartment before I did!

Toffee at five months

I got to spend the holidays with family and that was nice.

I’ve been trying to think of a word to focus on in 2018, I know several are doing this as a way to help themselves but I can’t think of one.

My goals this upcoming year, the ones I can control (agent etc. are out of my control) are to write four novels. I recently finished a short story I’m submitting to an anthology and I’d like to get back to writing short stories again. It’s how I started writing…well, first I wrote poetry, then moved onto short stories and finally, novels.

I hope to get a new computer this coming year. Mine is from 2009 and needs replacing. It’s a good thing I know where the T, S, A and E are because they have faded out. The space bar doesn’t always work. And the R key doesn’t work unless you tap it with a hard tap. So, yeah, a new computer would be lovely.

pink cat typing

My wish for you  in the new year is that you find your passion and pursue that passion in order to feed your soul. For me, it’s writing. I will never NOT write because it’s imprinted on my DNA (not really but it feels like it could be).

I hope you have good health, happiness, enough money to live on, family and friends and a cat who loves you. Okay, a dog could work too.


My wish for 2018 is for everyone to be at peace but never stop standing up for what you know is right, even if you are the only one standing!

Happy New Year,





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Would you like to read the first chapter of SIGHTWITCH by Susan Dennard? Of course you would! Here you go?

via Read the First Chapter From Sightwitch | Tor Teen Blog

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Go here for ideas for books to buy! Mine is on there too.

Check it out!

Whatever Holiday Gift Guide 2017, Day Two: Non-Traditionally Published Books – Whatever

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Greetings All,

It’s the middle of November and I had 23K written on my NaNo novel but it stalled out in the middle and so I decided to start over. What? Start over? But there’s only….(INSERT NUMBER) daysleft! Yeah, the thing is I need to make my words sing in a way they weren’t. In my WIP my main character loses the love of her life and is grief-stricken about it. I wanted to have her pain ooze off the page into the reader’s soul and it wasn’t. Oh, sure, I could’ve done it in the revision stage but I needed to start over. THIS IS WHAT PANTSERS DO. Or at least what I do. I’m happy with what I’ve written so far even though it’s only 500 words. Will I finish by the end of November? I don’t know and I’m okay with it.

As I was writing the story I realized it was going in a direction I didn’t want it to go. It’s a story about how a seventeen-year-old girl copes with the suicide of her girlfriend and the fallout from it and how she begins to heal.

I better get back to it.



Pooh wants to go back to page 1

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Greetings All,

It’s been a while since I blogged. I was trying for a spot in Pitchwars but alas, didn’t make it in. Since August I’ve been writing a new book (okay, two new ones) and decided to write one for NaNoWriMo. I’ve also recently moved to a new apt. and am in the midst of unpacking.

November is my favorite month of the year. It used to be because, when I lived in Michigan, I’d look forward to the gray, cold, snowy days (as long as I didn’t have to drive in the snow). But now that I’m in NorCal, November is pretty much the same as any other month except it does rain more and gets a bit chilly. Still, I like November and I bet you can guess why. Yep, it’s my birthday month! Something exciting always happens around my birthday (and please don’t let it be the move) so I am ever hopeful. Maybe it’s the excitement of NaNoWriMo happening. I did it for four years in a row, then stopped because I didn’t need NaNo to help me write 50K words anymore.

NaNo taught me to write the bleeping book because as others have said, you can’t edit a blank page. It doesn’t matter what you write, you can fix it later. This is actually they way I write my first drafts now. I write and write and write until I reach the end, let it sit for a few days, weeks or months then revise, edit and send out to beta readers and critique partners. I take their feedback and let it marinate for a day or two before I look at it. I make note of confusing spots or places where it needs more explanation. I usually look at all the comments first and if there are more than one comment about one area, I will tackle it. I don’t always do every tiny little thing they’ve asked me to do, I only do what is right for my novel.

But that’s down the road in December or later. Right now I have to write the first draft.

My birthday wish is to get an agent…hee hee. That’s always my birthday/Christmas/New Year’s Day/Valentine’s Day/St. Patrick’s Day, (well, you get the idea) wish. MAYBE IT WILL HAPPEN THIS YEAR.

But if it doesn’t, I will continue to write because it’s in my DNA (as my fam member said) and I need it to live like I need to breathe. *nods head in agreement*

If you want to be a writing buddy on NaNo, my name is kathleea, same as my Twitter name.

Now, go forth and write!


Kathleensilent movie writing

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Hi All,

If you clicked on this bio, you might be confused because I already have a bio up. Well, I’m doing another one because I “might” be subbing a different manuscript into Pitchwars. If you don’t know what Pitchwars is, see Brenda Drake’s blog or check out the new Pitchwars website which launches in two days from today, July 26th. https://twitter.com/brendadrake

I’ve entered Pitchwars since 2012 with different manuscripts. Last year I entered a gothic horror which, in retrospect, wasn’t ready. It’s since been revised, edited, edited some more, rewritten with a new format and ending and a new first chapter. I can’t seem to let go of this book so I’m going to try it again.


I bet you can’t guess what my book is about, can you?

Here’s my Pinterest inspiration board: https://www.pinterest.com/kathleea/for-in-that-sleep-of-death-what-dreams-may-come-yo/

And another board: https://www.pinterest.com/kathleea/victorian/

My book is a YA retelling of Frankenstein with a female protagonist who fights against Victorian notions of what a seventeen-year-old girl should and shouldn’t do in London in 1888. It does get a bit graphic at times so if you get queasy better stay clear!

I said on Twitter that this is the book of my heart. What does that say about me that the book of my heart is a gothic horror? Yeah, we won’t go there.

So if any mentors are looking for a gothic horror to put a spit shine polish on, look no further! I’m one of those odd writers who likes to revise because it always makes your book stronger.

So, there you have it.




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Greetings All,

Yes, I’m entering Pitchwars again this year. Last year I tried, okay I admit it I tried to get in for several years (what year did it start again?) If you aren’t sure what Pitchwars is, go here: http://www.brenda-drake.com/2017/06/pitch-wars-2017-details/

It’s basically a writing contest for unagented writers with completed manuscripts who are looking for a literay agent. If you get in you get to work with a mentor who will help shape your manuscript for the agent round. Once agents see your pitch they may request and that request may turn into an offer! That’s the dream of course.



I’m entering a different story this year. It’s still young adult (I mean what else could it be?) but this one is an historical fantasy! Maybe it’s a gothic fantasy. Anyway, it’s about a Victorian music student who falls in love with his strange, enchanting  reclusive pupil. But there’s something odd about the house and about her controlling father. There’s a garden that blooms before his eyes yet when he tries to find it again, it’s only weeds. Strange faces appear in the wall, voices whisper when there is no one there and the magnificent Grand Piano plays by itself. Victorian man playing piano




Spiritualist sisters

The boy meets a Spiritualist who warns him there is a dark entity around him but he doesn’t heed her warning until deaths of his fellow students happen. And it’s somehow tied to the piano girl.

But how?

And what’s even stranger, the piano girl gives him a marzipan rose to eat and it’s the sweetest confection he’s ever tasted. He craves more of it and can’t wait until he eats it again. He won’t have to wait long, there’s a box of it waiting for him at his dormitory, each piece a tableau of a scene from his life including a recent stolen kiss with one of the spiritualist girls. The tableau includes a marzipan girl who has a knife embedded in her chest. Someone spied on him and the spiritualist girl. Someone who wishes her dead.

Marzipan rose


As the boy practices for his end-of-year performance piece he becomes more and more convinced he has to get the piano girl away from her father and the strange house.  His plan is to whisk her away after one of their lessons but when his plan falls through he’s left making the hardest choice he’s ever had to make.


And that’s a brief snippet of what my book is about!

Fairy dust





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