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In case you don’t know, PITCHWARS is a writing contest run by the fabulous Brenda Drake! Writers and mentors are paired up in order to revise a manuscript before the agent round.

I debated whether or not to enter Pitchwars this year. I’ve entered the past three years with no success in snagging (or is that snogging???) a mentor. Despite my best efforts. LOL.



I’ve been in the query trenches a long time.ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH

The novel I’m entering is not the one I originally thought I was entering. I figured I enter the same one I did last year since it’s been revised and rewritten. But…but…I have a new one I’ve been working on and I think it’ll be ready by August. It’s a young adult contemporary. It’s different than any other book I’ve written and I’m so excited about it. It was a challenge to write because it’s written in a non-linear style. Back to front and sideways and…well, that’s all I’m going to say about it at this point.

SECOND UPDATE: Okay, yes, the dark YA will be done! I’m blazing away on it so this is the one I’m entering!!! I so appreciate the beta readers who helped me with feedback!!!




I’ve done independent publishing and published with two small presses, Gypsy Shadow Publishing and Muse It Up Publishing. I do freelance editing and have worked as a college instructor teaching English Composition and Literature courses. I have a Master’s in Children’s Literature with an emphasis in creative writing for young adults.

I have a kitten who vexes me every morning to get up and feed her. Usually at six. I love her too much to be annoyed. She’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever had.


I drink both coffee and tea and wish I lived in the UK.


Feel free to look around my posts to learn more about me. I am a hard worker and I love to edit and revise until my manuscripts are polished.


I love to read and read a novel in an hour or two (depending on the length) so I read a lot! I’m an eclectic reader but  YA is my fave to read. I don’t tend to read (or write) romance but I don’t mind a bit of it as long as it’s not the main plot.


I live in sunny Los Angeles (expat from Michigan, LOL) and have for the past three years.


I’m a huge pop culture fan. Harry Potter. Sherlock. Buffy. Wonderfalls. Firefly. Doctor Who. Supernatural. Gilmore Girls. Star Wars. Star Trek. Avengers. X-Men.I love Jane Austen and the Bronte sister’s books, old black and white Bogie and Bacall movies and anything Bette Davis did. I love the old horror movies Vincent Price did (The Tingler!). I also love to listen to pop music, Taylor Swift (unless she’s still dating Tom H. then no), classic rock and roll, smooth jazz and blues. Nina Simone is a favorite and Billie Holiday.

There’s more layers to me but that’ll do for now!


And that’s me!




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A writer friend has a romance book out today with Deaf and Hard of Hearing characters!LAURA BROWN HEAD SHOTSIGNS OF ATTRACTION COVER

Available from Avon Books! http://avonromance.com/book/9780062495570/signs-of-attraction/




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Yesterday a family member was involved in the campus lockdown at UCLA because of an active shooter on campus. Three harrowing hours later the lockdown was lifted and the campus declared safe. Two people died in an apparent murder/suicide (authorities found a gun and note) between a professor and graduate student in the Engineering IV building. Of course at 10AM when the lockdown happened, no one knew what was going on. I shook with fear for my family member who was in class. We texted one another several times to keep spirits up on both our sides. My hands shook each time I asked, “Are you okay? Safe?” And when a few minutes went by with no answer, I panicked.

I ended up having to text family and friends to let them know what was going on. Everyone asked the same questions, what was going on? East coast friends heard about it on the news. They wanted to know the same things: Is everyone safe? What happened?

The helpless feeling continued until at 12:30PM the lockdown was lifted and the All-Clear was sounded. “Headed home” was a text I’d been waiting for and we breathed a sigh of relief. When the family member came in the door I burst into happy tears and hugged the stuffing out of them. Other family members left work early to come home. I let my family member talk about the ordeal, how scared the classmates were, the not knowing if the shooter was nearby. All of this happened on the last day of class for the spring quarter. Finals and classes were cancelled for the remainder of the day.

Even later that night, my family member couldn’t focus and was still feeling the effects of what happened that morning.

I am saddened by the death of the professor and student and how their families weren’t able to hug their loved ones or feel the relief I felt when seeing my family member walk through the door.

This could’ve been so much worse and I’m sure everyone expected it to be. I’m glad it wasn’t.

Today, the campus is back to its regular routine but the students, faculty and staff can’t go back to life like it was on campus before yesterday happened. The safety of the campus has been jeopardized and it will take time to feel safe again. I hope that everyone involved will read out to professionals if they need to talk about what happened. Talking does help.

I am grateful to the UCLA campus police, the LA police and First-Responders who did their jobs with efficiency. I am thankful there weren’t more people injured or shot.

I just wish this scenario wasn’t repeated ever again but I know it’s likely to be and that makes me sad.



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Since I am one of the kombatants in Query Kombat this year (MG historical: THE BRITISH ARE COMING). I decided to offer my editing services half-off for query kombat writers who either didn’t get in or who just want to hone their manuscripts for agents. “Big picture” edits and light copy edits included.



Half off sale price! Only valid through end of contest!
June 1st-July 2nd, 2016
Adult, YA or MG!
Free 10 page edit to start!
Email now! 


Take advantage of this great deal! Openings for June!



PS/Of course other writers can email me too! I will negotiate a price for your manuscript!

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Today is a day for remembering the veterans who served. I read a powerful blog about one man’s struggle with his father who served in Vietnam and how the war changed him. https://twitter.com/CharlesBivona/status/737314408884502528

My step-father was in the war too and he wouldn’t talk about it except to say he didn’t like loud noises and would never go with us to fireworks on the fourth of July for that reason.

War changes people and not in good ways. I’ve been watching Peaky Blinders about a man who was forever changed by fighting in France in the early 1900’s. In one episode his current lover asks his mother what he like before the war and his mother said, “He used to laugh. A lot.” He doesn’t laugh much anymore.

Mental health services need to be more accessible to all but especially to vets and their families. And not when they return but when they are in the field. I used to work as a therapist and saw a few clients with PTSD and know how awful it was for them. Sometimes medication helps, a combination of both therapy and medication works too.

We, as a society, need to take away the stigma of mental illness so more people can get the help they need.



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If you follow me on social media you know what a rough year it’s been for me and my family. We lost my step-father in March after a brief, unexpected illness and his birthday is coming up on Father’s Day, so yeah…that will be a sad day for me. My mom (now gone) married him when I was fifteen so I always called him my dad. He was a kind, generous man who loved life and football, especially the University of Michigan Wolverines! He is sorely missed. IMG_0656

Dad 1928-2016

Then, we lost our 14 year-old cat, Zeus to cancer a few weeks ago and I still miss her.


ZEUS 2001-2016

We are struggling financially and are looking for ways to cut bills. We take the bus/Metro when we can (not always feasible in Los Angeles), have cancelled cable and eat meatless meals most of the time (pasta casseroles are our go-to meals).


We’ve had some good things too, both kids are graduating and looking for jobs. One has a part-time job and another one has a summer job but hasn’t been able to find housing (it’s 300 miles away from us) yet.

I’m still trying to make it as a full-time writer and am one step closer thanks to getting into the writing contest, Query Kombat with my historical, middle grade manuscript inspired by the British invasion of The Beatles. In the contest it’s called, THE BRITISH ARE COMING. I’ve already made friends and had a blast on the Twitter feed so it’s a win for me even if I don’t get any requests from agents.


I am trying to find editing clients (have extensive experience editing as a teacher/educator and editor) but it’s slow at the moment. I have a sale going on and will edit your manuscript for half-off, includes three passes of your query/logline too! See website and look under Editing Services tab at: http://www.kathleensallen.weebly.com

If you know any writer who is looking for a “big picture” editor, send them my way! I’d love to be able to pay bills and not get evicted this coming month. Yes, it’s a real possibility and not a joke. I wish it was.


If you can help me and my family out by engaging my editing services, we’d appreciate it. I’d love to be able to help my kid pay for their first month’s rent too.

And if you or a friend isn’t in the market for editing, maybe you’d enjoy a new book. Check out my Amazon page. Most of my books are in eBook and print. Many of my books are listed on my website with links to the actual books.

We made it so far and I’m sure we’ll make it again. It’s just difficult right now. But I never lose hope that something good is around the corner and that’s what keeps me going.



Thanks for listening.





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