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My stepdad passed away yesterday. My mom died in 2006. This is a brief timeline of their lives as a way to celebrate how much I loved both of them.


Elizabeth was a fiery redhead who wasn’t afraid to express her opinion about anything. She had a passion for her job (pediatric nurse) and for reading. She also loved music of all kinds but especially loved Johnny Mathis, Dinah Washington and surprisingly enough, The Rolling Stones! She taught me to be a non-judgmental person, live and let live was her motto. She lit up the room when she entered and people gravitated to her no matter where she was. She loved animals and we always had cats and dogs growing up. Her grandmother was a Blackfoot Native American and she was proud of that. She also counted among her ancestors a famous violinist and was related to Louis XIV. She believed in being spiritual but not religious. She was an oil painter and had gone to art school. When she wasn’t working, she often painted as a way to relax. She was my biggest supporter and cheerleader. I recorded my first book (WITCH HUNTER) as an audio book for her when her eyesight didn’t allow her to read books and she loved it. I’ll always remember she let me have purple hair when I was a teen and when I went through my goth stage (I might still be in it) she didn’t say a word but let me express myself.

I wish I could call her and hear her voice.


Mom when she graduated from nursing school.




Gordon was my stepdad since I was fifteen. He loved football, especially the University of Michigan Wolverines. He was a hard worker, generous, kind, caring and very opinionated. He loved animals, especially dogs but he liked cats too. He preferred to be outdoors rather than inside. One summer we went on a family vacation driving around Lake Superior and stopped at every lighthouse or waterfall we saw. He loved to garden and at one time had chickens. His pet rooster had one leg, was blind in one eye but loved Dad and would follow him around like a puppy! Fishing was his favorite sport and he’d spend hours casting in one of the local rivers we’d we’d picnic on the grass. I always brought a book to read. He wasn’t much of a reader but he loved John Wayne movies and war movies. He served in ┬áthe Korean War and because of that was unable to enjoy fireworks on July 4th but he never stopped us from going and always wanted to hear about them when we came home. Once I was on my way to a friend’s wedding when my car broke down and he came to get me and my two friends and drove us nearly an hour to where the wedding was. He encouraged me to find my way when I was struggling. He loved me and I loved him.

I wish I could’ve said goodbye.

I miss my mom.

And now, I will miss my dad.

But I am so happy both of them were in my life.



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