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Looking for an editor for your manuscript?


I can edit your young adult, middle grade or adult manuscript (no erotica) with a quick turnaround!


Does your manuscript feature a character with a mental illness? Hire me to make sure it’s accurate. I was a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner for five years (and a therapist).

I worked with clients who:

  • were suicidal
  • were diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder
  • had depression
  • had anxiety and stress
  • had PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • had been sexually assaulted
  • were schizophrenic
  • were psychotic and had hallucinatons
  • were delusional
  • had phobias

I am most familiar with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) but have also used Exposure Therapy for phobias on the therapy side. I am familiar with treatments for depression since that was my specialty.

Questions? Email me at:

Please see the EDITING SERVICES tab on my website for more details! I look forward to editing your work!


Of course I can edit manuscripts that don’t feature a character with mental illness too!





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